Pirate Battle manifestation

Become a pirate for one day

You like pirates and "Pirates of the Caribbean" is you all-time favourite movie? Or maybe you like history or just want to have fun? Well, in that case, you should visit Croatian town Omiš in the middle of August where you can enjoy watching red-coated pirates engaged in a naval battle. This attraction is something that you really shouldn't miss. It is reconstruction of the battle that took place in the 13th century, between locals and Venetians.

8th centuries ago, Omiš Pirates were at the peak of their power and one of the most powerful and most feared pirates on the Mediterranean Sea. Their base was a couple of kilometers up the Cetina River, and they were true rulers of the Cetina canyon. Omiš was a dangerous place for ships to pass by because of them. They used to attack merchants of Venetia, Kotor, Dubrovnik and Split, sometimes even crusaders on their way to the Holy Land. They ruled for more than three centuries until whole Dalmatia fell under rule of the Venetian Republic. But enough with history facts, the main show takes place in the present time and its happening every year in Omiš. One night each August, you can travel in time and get a first-hand pirate experience.

That one night in August, whole harbor becomes stage of pirate battle. The evening also includes a pirate parade through the main streets of town and after-party throughout the town squares and streets late into the night. Thousands of spectators come to the city and celebrate this great battle. This spectacle is really magnificent. The 'pirates' wear authentic period costumes as well as muskets and pistols. You can enjoy dancing and pirate games like arm wrestling. Guests are also offered with buffet which usually includes grilled fish, several meat dishes, Peka, and drinks for both kids and adults.

Ok, now you know what to expect in Omiš during the month of August. Pirates, battles, dances, games, a lot of food and drinks and a lot of fun. Sounds amazing, right? Did we convince you to come and see this amazing event first-hand? I think we did. You know that saying: words can never express what eyes can see. See you in Omiš!