Dalmatian (Mediterranean) cuisine

Traditional Dalmatian dishes are extremely delicious and healthy

If you are one of those people who falls in love with a country by falling in love with its food, Croatia is definitely place for you! Given the fact that Croatia is located in the center of Europe, its cuisine offers a mix of the best of many different regions. Croatian cuisine is divided into coastal and interior. This article will discuss the first, more Mediterranean one.

Where ever you go, you will encounter good restaurants, which always offer a lot of fish specialties, ham or cheese, and after a good meal you have to taste sweet crispy "Dalmatian kroštule", a typical Dalmatian sweet.
As an appetizer we recommend famous Dalmatian brandy, which will open your appetite and prepare you for delicacies.


Traditional way of hosting guests in Dalmatia begins with one such fine appetizer, followed by prosciutto (“Pršut”), fine cheese, most often oiled. This is eaten with olives, black or green, as you prefer.


Other tasty dishes are fish soups with polenta (“Pura”), grilled fish or octopus under the lid (“Ispod peke”).

Dalmatian cuisine is very simple and healthy, and is prepared in a special way. You would not believe what magic can be made with some olive oil, garlic, pepper and salt.
For dessert we suggest fritters, or their smaller and crispier variant, "kroštule". You must be wondering what to drink with all these delicacies? Dalmatians like to say that the fish swims in the sea, and in the wine also, which means that a glass of wine is a must. When you are preparing fish meal, people also like to drink dessert wine, named Prošek.

Ispod peke:

Gastronomy of Dalmatia traditionally belongs to Mediterranean cuisine which primarily means loads of different dishes made of very tasty white fish, cheese, ham, and various meat specialties, because of pasture on grassland who are rich in minerals and have a special flavor. In addition to meals, what is worth mentioning are popular restaurants in Split fourth "Varoš" in the town center, offering the original local specialties like Dalmatian stew.
It is a beef stuffed with bacon, garlic and cloves prepared in red wine, and is clearly one of the best meat dishes of our gastronomy.

Dalmatian Pršut and cheese are also very popular food and the tourists love it.

We also mentioned the Dalmatian fritters - a local specialty made from pastry, brandy and raisins which is fried in hot oil. Veal and potatoes baked under the lid with vegetable salads traditional are traditional meal in food gastronomy of Dalmatia.
Don’t forget the “Soparnik”- a local specialty from the Omiš hinterland, made of dough, spinach and garlic.


If you want some more simple tastes, there are fragrant "Viška", “Forska” and “Komiška” pie that go perfectly with a glass of wine Vugava and Plančić from the island Hvar. If you need extra invigoration then we recommend you to drink a glass of Brač`s or Hvar`s Smutnica - red wine mixed with sheep or goat milk.
In the area of Cetina and Sinj, except “buzaras” of river crabs, there are the famous sausages “luganige” and tasty small stuffed cabbage rolls with beef.

We believe that if you are gourmands, you should dig into this great Dalmatian cuisine! Even if you're not a fan of seafood, you will surely find something for yourself! Enjoy and have a great time!